Hotel located in the hearth of Trapani

In the hearth of Trapani

Hotel Vittoria is located in the hearth of Trapani, in the far West of Sicily, a few meters above sea level. Trapani town preserves the memory of the several cultures that come through over the centuries, attracted by the strategic location and the beauty of this place.

Hotel Vittoria overlooks one of the beautiful beaches in town, a few meters from the old town. Along the streets in the centre there are churches, ancient buildings and monuments that belong to different historical periods and artistic styles.

There are many monuments to visit: the Cathedral of “San Lorenzo” in Baroque style, the Church of the Jesuit, Ligny Tower, the old fish market square from where a beautiful walk starts along the ancient walls “Tramontana” and the bastion “S. Anna”. And the “Colombaia” , the “Castello di Terra” and the saltpans. After a few kilometers there is the “Basilica dell’Annunziata” with the beautiful Chapel dedicated to the Madonna of Trapani and the regional Museum “Pepoli” that maintains excellent artisan work in coral and silver, as well as paintings of the Sicilian seventeenth century, archaeological remains, etc.

How to reach us

You can reach us walking from the port of Trapani or by car from Trapani and Palermo airports. You may find below how to reach us: